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Exploring the Outdoors!

We’ve been making the most of the sunshine in Senior Infants and getting outdoors as much as we can. We’ve visited our school garden were we tasted the yummy coriander growing and developed our sense of smell by rubbing glorious lavender on our hands and smelling it. We also did a ‘Looking Walk’ where we observed all the wonderful things outside in our school environment. We visited our local library, church and park! We are so super fit from walking up and down Church Hill! But our most exciting news is that our tadpoles have developed into frogs! Yes real frogs! We had to keep the lid on the box in school because they were trying to jump out! The frogs will now be released back into their natural environment. We’ve loved watching nature at its best and we are proud of ourselves for minding them so well. We wish them all a happy hoppy life!


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