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A busy September in 2nd Class!

The children are busy and delighted to be settling into their new classes and to welcome their new classmates.

Our new English programme has created a great buzz and excitement. The theme “ To the Art Exhibition” took us to view the art work on display for Culture Night in Passage West and we even managed to meet a real artist who inspired us to create our own masterpieces when we returned to school. No trip down to the town is complete without the playground!!!

We also read about marbling and linked that to science and discussed why oil floats on the water. We read “The paper dolls” book by Julia Donaldson and of course we just had to make our own paper dolls. Popocatapetl popped up in music with a bang, sizzle, sizzle, bang and we discovered that the volcano had actually erupted as recently as 2020 in Mexico. We’re looking forward to the next theme which is all about Autumn and of course we can’t forget Space Week either!


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