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1st Class Scientists

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

We have settled in really well into 1st Class over the last 5 weeks. We have started to learn spelling and we have just completed our first week of Literacy Lift Off. We have been working very hard and are building up lots of Dojo Points! We are enjoying learning about all things science at the moment. We have already conducted a few experiments!

This week, we learned all about Light. We brainstormed all the sources of light that we could think of. We learned about how light travels in straight lines and how shadows are created. We then explored the meaning behind the words 'opaque', 'translucent' and 'transparent'. We predicted if the materials in the experiment would be opaque, translucent or transparent if we were to shine a torch in them. We then conducted our experiment.

Here are the results...


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