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Junior Infants Activities

Junior infants have been very busy settling into their new school. We have had lots of fun in

our classroom learning lots of new things. During maths time we had some hands-on

learning activities using our sorting trays to match items.

We are making lots of new friends and love playing in the yard at lunchtime. We love doing jolly phonics in school and showing our friends what we drew for homework in our jolly phonics copy.

During Art time we made some very colourful nameplates. We got to add glitter and sparkly

shapes to our name. We have been learning about An Sicin Beag Bui in Irish and we used

some paper plates and lots of yellow paint to make our very own Sicin Beag Bui. We can

name lots of different parts of our bodies as Gaeilge. Flipper is our class puppet and he

comes out sometimes during Irish time. He makes us laugh and he makes teacher do funny

things in our classroom.

We love being in school it is great fun and we have made lovely new friends and we are

learning lots of new and exciting things.


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